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Protection for 
your vehcile.

"Dear valued client, when it comes to protecting your vehicle, the choice is yours. Would you prefer the robust, twice-a-year shield of our Seasonal Coating protection, ensuring a pristine appearance for six months at a time? Or perhaps the convenience of our Wash and Wax service, providing reliable protection for 3-4 months?


Whichever option you select, rest assured that you've made the right choice in safeguarding your vehicle's beauty and longevity. At Blacklisted AutoDetailing, we're committed to delivering top-notch protection and ensuring your satisfaction with every service."

Seasonal Coating (2x's a year)

"Ensure year-round protection for your vehicle with Blacklisted AutoDetailing's versatile options. Opt for our Seasonal Coating, providing a robust 6-month shield against the elements, applied twice a year during summer and winter.


Wash and Wax (3-4 Months)

Alternatively, choose our Wash and Wax service, offering reliable protection for 3-4 months. Without regular protection, your vehicle risks yellowing or white flaking of the clear coat due to UV damage. Trust Blacklisted AutoDetailing to safeguard your investment and keep your car looking pristine all year long."

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