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Blacklisted Autodetailing

Blacklisted Mobile Autodetailing Service locations:

802 N. Canon Dr Beverly Hills, CA 90210 (15 Mile radius)

3512 La Clede Ave Los Angeles, CA 90039 (15 Mile radius)

13535 Valerio St, Van Nuys CA 91405 (15 Mile radius)

Cal Acosta  TEL: 424-332-2398


This image is showing that this person is a Gyeon Certified Mobile detailer.
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New Service Seasonal Coating

Introducing the latest service from Blacklisted AutoDetailing: Seasonal Coating. Designed to keep your vehicle protected and looking its best all year round, Seasonal Coating is a budget-friendly option that combines the power of SIo2 Ceramic spray coating with convenience and affordability.


Perfect for those seeking a cost-effective solution, this service includes a comprehensive interior cleaning akin to a maintenance wash, along with a gentle synthetic clay mitt approach for a thorough cleanse. Not only does Seasonal Coating enhance the shine of your vehicle, but it also offers long-lasting protection that outperforms traditional waxing methods.


With applications recommended from the beginning of the year through summer, followed by a reapplication after summer until December, Seasonal Coating ensures your vehicle remains pristine and protected through every season without breaking the bank.

this image is showing a picture of a sedan with a check list of what a Sedan seasonal coating is


this image is showing a picture of a Truck with a check list of what a truck seasonal coating is


Windshield Ceramic Coating

Revamp your driving experience with Blacklisted Autodetailing's cutting-edge ceramic coating service for automotive glass, featuring GYeon's Q2 View. With an unrivaled durability lasting up to 12 months, this premium coating ensures optimal clarity and visibility, crucial for safety on the road, especially as inclement weather looms over Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley.


Say goodbye to obscured vision and hello to enhanced safety with our meticulous detailing service, conveniently located in Van Nuys.  Full payment is required to secure your slot, with the address provided upon scheduling, ensuring a seamless experience from start to finish.

this image shows, Gyeon's Glass Ceramic coating called View. it is a two part process with one bottle being the glass cleaner named Cleanse Q2 and the second part Is the glass ceramic coating called RepelQ2



New Home Service

Steam Cleaning of Couch Upholstery

Experience the pinnacle of cleanliness and comfort with Blacklisted AutoDetailing's Home Couch Steam Cleaning Service. Known for our top-notch vehicle cleaning, we extend our expertise to your living space, ensuring your couch is free from hidden dirt, allergens, and bacteria. I use advanced steam cleaning technology to eliminate stains and odors, revitalizing your couch to its original splendor.


Many overlook the importance of regular couch cleaning, but with our service, you can luxuriate in the joy of a pristine and refreshed living environment. Elevate your home's hygiene standards and indulge in the ultimate couch cleaning experience with Blacklisted AutoDetailing – where your comfort takes center stage!

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